Welcome to Nina Dobrev World your ultimate source for the extremely talented Nina Dobrev. You may know her from such films as Chloe and Perks Of Being A Wallflower or, more probably, for tv shows such as The Vampire Diaries where she plays Elena Gilbert and her vampire doppleganer Katherine Pierce. Our goal is to provide with the latest on all news, photos and much more stuff about her. Enjoy your stay and check back with us soon.
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I’m looking for affiliates so, if you’re interested, apply by either using for below or the following e-mail. Only HQ sites will be accepted! ;-).

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Due to some problem I had with affiliates and affiliation requests in the past, I am now forced to put some rule:

1) Only HIGH quality fansites; must have a domain, no webs, piczo, etc
2) No affiliation requestes that are sent to several sites at once
3) Add me before applying for the affiliation
4) I check on my affiliates very often, so if my button isn’t up, I’ll be forced to remove yours without warning.
5) If your site hasn’t been updated in more than 1 year, I’ll remove your button

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